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White Fillings
San Francisco, California

White fillings in Oakland, Berkeley and Piedmont - San FranciscoWhite fillings, commonly referred to as composite fillings, are fillings that are designed to match the color of your natural teeth.

Dr. Bernstein uses white fillings to restore a decayed tooth or repair minor defects in your teeth. Composite fillings are most often used on the front teeth to maintain a natural appearance. However, they may also be used on back teeth if the restoration may be visible.

How are composite fillings done?
Composite fillings are placed the same as traditional silver fillings. They can be prepared and placed in a single visit to our cosmetic dentistry office. After Dr. Bernstein has removed the decayed portion of your tooth, he will then prepare your tooth's surface by scratching and then brushing the tooth. This is followed by several thin layers of the tooth-colored composite. The material hardens under a special light. Finally, your white filling is polished.

Composite fillings are not just gaining popularity because they look better. Recent studies indicate that the mercury in amalgam fillings could potentially be toxic. White fillings are also more resistant to fracture.

If you have a growing cavity or wish to fix a tooth defect, white fillings may be right for you. White fillings can also be used to replace old metal fillings.

To view before and after photos of white fillings in San Francisco, click here.

If you are considering white fillings in San Francisco, please call or e-mail us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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